About Us

HLB Lawyers is a boutique law firm. Our focus on excellence and our friendly relationship has endeared us with our clients.

What makes us different from our competitors? It's the technical excellence combined with legal insight. It's the ability to take the most complex questions and provide the clear answers.

Our lawyers unashamedly love the law. But we understand clients don't want pages on what legislation says. They want succinct answers that achieve their commercial aims. To achieve this, we use our intellectual creativity to distil complexity and provide clear-cut solutions.

We work with many of Perth's organisations. Whether you're a global multinational, a suburban-based company or an individual, our commitment to providing excellent service remains the same.







Henrik has been brilliant with all our commercial law needs, from advice on leases to recovering debts and employment law, he has always been available to speak with us and provides us advice in plain english! Working in our small business we are always busy, Henrik just took care of it all for us.


Latest Terms

  • fraudulent conveyance: the transfer (conveyance) of title to real property for the express purpose of putting it beyond the reach of a known creditor.

  • valuable consideration: a necessary element of a contract, which confers a benefit on the other party. Valuable consideration can include money, work, performance, assets, a promise or abstaining from an act.